The fully bilingual Fanie Barnardt a.k.a "Professor Crawl" is a registered member of the Animal Rescue Team specialising in arachnids (spiders & scorpions), reptiles and small mammals. His passion for animals and insects dating back to his childhood will soon become evident when you see him in action. He loves exotic animals and volunteers for the preservation of local wildlife by removing unwanted creatures, reptiles and animals in the Randburg / JHB North and West areas and relocating them back to the wild. He is a certified trainer and together with his wife Neeltjie Barnardt who shares his passion they have the ability to communicate with all ages yet remains mindful of people's fears and perceptions towards some of the creatures featured.

The interactive fun sessions last roughly 45 minutes to an hour depending on the age and size of the group and the average rate for schools and daycares is approximately R40 per child during weekdays from 8:00 to 12:00. A small travelling fee may apply for areas further than 15km from the Randburg area. As we strive to give every learner individual attention we suggest breaking up larger classes into multiple groups between 50 and 75 learners for young kids and primary school groups up to 125 kids per group.



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